FASTPORT Sponsors Transition Summits in Germany to Reach, Educate, and Hire Service Members Overseas

by Paige Thompson on Mar 14, 2016 2:53:00 PM

FASTPORT President Brad Bentley represents U.S. trucking industry to educate military service members about career opportunities.

Following the success of the first transatlantic transition summits in 2015, FASTPORT once again joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Initiative’s Hiring Our Heroes Program in Germany to reach transitioning service members stationed overseas at U.S. Army Garrisons Bavaria and Rheinland-Pfalz.


Over the four-day event that began in Bavaria and ended in Rheinland-Pfalz, employers met with over 1,000 transitioning service members actively seeking employment in sustainable industries with available positions back home in the States. FASTPORT was invited to speak on on both panel discussions and in Transition Assistance Program (TAP) classes due to a high level of interest from Soldiers and Airmen during the previous year’s summit.

In addition to explaining why military experience gives service members a firm foundation on which they can build a lasting profession in trucking, Brad emphasized that the industry also offers a wide variety of careers. While professional driving roles are essential to the health of the global economy and Veterans are hard-wired for success in those positions, the industry has career opportunities for those who want to work in the warehouse, under the hood, or in the executive suite. Because Veterans have a proven track record for achievement and advancement in trucking careers, the industry is now uniting to educate them about these opportunities on


Transitioning Service Members Listen to Panel Discussions and Follow Up with FASTPORT President Brad Bentley (top) and Director of Military Outreach Programs Sharri Justice (bottom)

This industry unity is more than just a slogan. It is a mission. Together, trucking employers have committed to hire 150,000 Veterans by 2020, and transition summits like these in Germany are the time for them to prove their employment commitment to the military community. Brad recounted one example of this as he saw it on the ground in Germany:

“After discussing FASTPORT's industry approach to Veteran hiring during a panel at U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, a Chief Warrant Officer approached me with his resume. He was interested in a management position, so I emailed a trucking company president where I thought he would be a good fit. I told the trucking executive that I would email him the resume when I returned to the States, but before I had a chance to do so, he went on LinkedIn and found the Chief Warrant Officer's profile. He ended up making a job offer to this transitioning service member and creating a position specific to his skillset.”

This Chief Warrant Officer’s experience is just one example of the industry’s single-minded determination to hire Veterans. If you would like to learn more about trucking employers and their various career opportunities, visit today.

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