FASTPORT, Inc. Leads U.S. Department of Labor’s Transportation & Logistics Sector Apprenticeship Accelerator Conference At The Great American Trucking Show

by Paige Thompson on Aug 31, 2017 12:27:02 PM


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Dallas, TX- 25 August 2017 - FASTPORT, Inc. leads U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Accelerator Conference to benefit the Transportation & Logistics Sector at the Great American Trucking Show. The Accelerator Conference is designed to help employers seeking to initiate or expand apprenticeship programs by introducing the National Standard Apprenticeship model the DOL has approved for the Transportation Industry.

“American industry is the foundation of our country's economic competitiveness and prosperity. The challenge? Significant talent shortages and skill gaps are slowing companies' efforts to expand, innovate, and thrive. Transportation Sector growth is hampered by an aging workforce of highly-skilled and experienced workers and a lingering challenge to attract new and more diverse talent pools”, says Jose Velazquez, Deputy Administrator DOL/ETA Office of Apprenticeships.

“Companies in all sectors of the American economy are facing complex workforce challenges in increasingly competitive domestic and global markets. Registered Apprenticeship is your proven solution for recruiting, training, and retaining world-class talent.”

Brad Bentley, FASTPORT President, expressed his appreciation for the work the DOL Office of Apprenticeship has put into the creation of the Registered Apprenticeship program and the movement to engage with employers through an industry intermediary: “Private-public partnerships like the DOL OA has put into motion have put the transportation industry in an enviable position: it can work as a unified coalition to attract the best candidates for its most sought-after careers.”

“By working together to attract both civilians and Veterans as future transportation professionals,” Bentley continued, “the industry and its leading employers like those attending this Accelerator session will improve the lives of their newest employees and the health of our nation’s economy.”

For more information or to discover how you can participate in the Transportation Industry’s Apprenticeship movement to educate, inspire and hire more high skilled workers please contact FASTPORT at and visit for more information.


FASTPORT, Inc. is a veteran employment software development company that builds products to help all members of the military community find meaningful employment. Using its proprietary technology, FASTPORT is committed to matching military job seekers to employers actively hiring from the military community.

FASTPORT, Inc. is a Department of Labor Industry Intermediary to increase apprenticeship programs for civilian and veteran talent and has a commercial co-venture with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Program to develop the preeminent employment marketplace to connect employers and military candidates. For more information, visit

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